Saturday, September 1, 2012

tiny things

slowly but surely gathering up baby supplies.
i've been so focused on the practical things that i almost forgot about all the fun stuff out there.
like toys!! there are so many cute little toys.
her space is coming together (the other half of our bedroom)
i'll post pictures when it's all finished.

homegirl is scrappy. she moves all. the. time.
but she is posterior right now, so i keep telling myself she's trying to wiggle her way into a better position. though it feels like she's trying to wiggle her way out.


  1. wow. i know i have plenty of time, but seriously, the fact that we only have a diaper bag right now feels a LITTLE daunting. whew. it's going to be ok. love those little soakers.

  2. So cute!!! Love the little fox hat... I bet you made it too ;)

  3. p.s. can we request a fox hat?

  4. that fox hat is greeeeat. and yes, if you did make it, and you're selling, i'm buying!!! so let me know! this point in pregnancy...all the gathering of little things, is SO FUN.